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Jack D. Bayless Fish Hatchery

The Jack D. Bayless Hatchery was constructed in 1986 as part of a mitigation agreement with the Corps of Engineers related to the Cooper River Rediversion Project. The hatchery replaced an existing facility at the Pinoplis Dam tailrace which was made ineffective by the Cooper River Rediversion Project.

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The Bayless Hatchery was constructed for the purpose of producing striped bass and their hybrids for public water stockings. The Tailrace Hatchery was the site for the majority of the pioneering research relating to striped bass propagation. With the construction of the St. Stephen Dam and Rediversion Canal the Tailrace Hatchery’s ability to obtain brood stock was reduced by the changes in river flow in the Cooper River.

Species Raised:

Number of Ponds: 54 productions ponds and 1 reserved for fire protection. Production ponds are comprised of 35, 0.5 acre ponds and 19, 1 acre ponds.

Water Source: Bayless Hatchery water is provided by wells with a water storage tank to insure volume and flow.

Acres of Water: 37.5 acres.

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